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Helping Local Churches Rebuild Fruitful Kingdom Ministry Through Disciple Making

"...and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it."

Matthew 16:18

our Annual summit

Hosting local church leaders in a three-day gathering for tactical learning, contextual application, prayer and intercession as well as life-on-life opportunities for a time of personal refreshing.

our Church Development Process

Providing a comprehensive developmental process for local churches in any ministry context with a thorough assessment, coaching, training and implementation to transform ministry paradigms toward far greater kingdom fruitfulness.

Becoming Kingdom Influencers

2024 Annual Church Development summit
April 29-May 1, 2024
Orlando, Florida

Our communities are changing -- some really fast! Pastors and local congregations often struggle to remain effectively engaged with those who need their ministry most. But what if there were some simple yet proven techniques to help you and your parishioners build lasting redemptive relationships with the non-Christians and internationals living in the shadow of your steeple?

This year's Annual Summit, held April 29-May 1 in beautiful Orlando, Florida, will provide those tools and techniques. We will emphasize learning ways to initiate redemptive relationships and grow them through small kingdom clusters of people. This is a gathering for all church folks, not just leaders -- and the location is great for a family vacation before or after the Summit.  You'll be blessed by a relaxed time of worship, learning, prayer, fellowship, and application led by pastors and practitioners on the front lines of local church ministry.

And this year, we have a special treat: a one-day practicum with our Keynote Speaker as he does his ministry at EPCOT (there is an extra cost for this experience)!

Steven Barr Seated
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Keynote Speaker

Steven L. Barr

Steven Barr is the Pastor and Executive Director of Cast Member Church. Steven and Lucía Barr launched Cast Member Church at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando twelve years ago, and now it has active Communi-Ds in Orlando, Anaheim, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

The "magic" of Cast Member Church is its micro-church emphasis through small gatherings. Whether online, in a coffee shop, or in a home, each of these gatherings are actually designed for people who have yet to surrender to Christ.  Most who attend have never been part of a church nor opened a Bible before!

Steven is the author of two incredibly practical books, A Guide to a Life Beyond Imagination and Kingdom Influence: Three Proven Keys to Revealing Jesus in a Skeptical and Suspicious World. Using his experience planting among Disney Cast Members, Steven will show us tactical ways our local churches can have a far greater impact among pre-Christian people of all ethnicities in our communities.

John Kimball

Director of Church Development

About Us

The Nehemiah Summit is a ministry of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference and its Ministry of Church Development. The CCCC Church Development Team exists to engage local churches and pastors in a life-giving developmental process that addresses their unique strengths and needs in order to improve their spiritual vitality, relational priority and ministry fruitfulness. 

Love God. Love others. make disciples.